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Who we are

We are a team of business hunters, on a constant hunt to improve our offerings and services. We create brands for bright, passionate, and experienced business people who use entrepreneurial moxie to develop products, offer services, and produce business models that benefit society as a whole. Team of hunters from Construction, IT, Journalism, Hospitality, Marketing, Sales and International business is what makes Metacrust. Metacrust is here to help you do business in a more profitable and sustainable way, do become a part of this family now.

Are you thinking how we started? Business Fuel LLP, the parent company was started in the year 2014 with no fanfare, only with small space in Bengaluru. Since then we have evolved from concept stage to proven business model, H2H aka Human-to-Human way.

Started by 2 pro-business enthusiasts, the company has grown to a team of 40+ in 2017.Though B2B brands have been slow to embrace the e-commerce and how people interact in B2B world, but it's all changing fast. This differs geographically, culturally and stature of the market-developed/under developed. In a connected world, where mobile, online and brick and mortar experiences converge, it is critical for brands to have a powerful B2B e-commerce platform.

A seamless B2B e-commerce platform allows brands to connect with buyers in a powerful way: instant info, quotes, ordering, clear communication, data and sales analysis, and other efficiencies made across the sales cycle. We see a tremendous opportunity this way and we want this opportunity to be equally shared with all OEM's, Distributors, Dealers and all other connected touch points across the globe and so does the customer.

Your Business and Our Solutions:

  • Add an additional channel of sales to your company
  • Get verified sales inquiry
  • Increase your sales numbers
  • Add a chance to upsell your other products
  • We will nurture the leads and you close the sale
  • Get Analytics, know how your product is performing
  • Get real time information on how to market and sell your product better
  • Host other benefits, check with our sales team on how to we could help you individually



Business today is characterized by relentless change. To stay competitive, companies must continually grow and evolve. This being made the core value of Business Fuel LLP the parent company owning Metacrust E-commerce commenced its Operations in the year 2014 after a lot of due diligence of the idea.

We knew company should continually evolve to stay relevant, innovative, and competitive, that’s where we choose adaptive approach making changes to our outreach whenever market or business needs.

Company & the process of building idea to reality started with a small idea back in Ranchi, Jharkhand before becoming a residential office back in Bengaluru, Karnataka. With Idea in place, wanted to build systems to support and structure the idea and the company started off building strong IT systems from few dedicated resources and external consultants.


With traditional approach comes with Challenges, so we wanted to test out market acceptance at every stage where we made mandatory process to do market research with every bit of systems built. With various levels of market acceptance testing being done and data were analyzed; being adaptive we made changes to the core in increments.

This was the year we quickly advanced from ideation to creation with testing being done at every stage, we took criticism of our efforts; so our fine tuning makes our approach appropriate. The team started to grow and we were a family of 10 enthusiasts supporting the core idea.

We made not publically available MVP and went out to test with market leaders from the industries like transportation, mining, and construction. Overwhelmed by the response and valuable suggestion, we gained confidence in the idea and went back to the drawing board to make system robust and the much-needed one.


Platform being made ready for end users and go live wanted to have products or service to shown and made available, we started our efforts to on-board relevant key stakeholders of our business model went out approaching OEM’s, Dealer’s and Rental companies Pan India, with initial success and support from industry veterans, it was proud moment for us to launch our platform in India the grand way.

With our constant efforts to build our revenue model in a more sustainable way with feedbacks and suggestions pouring from different channels, in the process we identified few viable business vertical expansion options.

We are actively considering these verticals and 2 of such verticals shall take birth one being Information Technology wing Business Fuel IT Services and the other one? You have to wait till the end of 2017.


We are currently focusing on developing Indian states like Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa and Maharashtra. We are also looking forward to capture the markets of Europe, UK, Middle East, USA, Canada and Australia in future.

We also plan to go global with our service offerings. Especially Spare parts E-commerce and Rentals & Used Equipment’s platform in United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.

For now, we are targeting to have Metacrust.com as a one stop platform that addresses the heavy machine and equipment industry, be it new equipment purchase, rentals or spares by bridging the gap between the manufacturer/seller and the ultimate consumer.

We have lot to share for the year and we shall keep our customers feed with new happenings. Get subscribed to our newsletter or give us a call to understand how we can evaluate and enhance your business.


With the dawn of a new year, we were ready to tread upon a plethora of whole new beginnings. We had started out with an intention to sell internationally and in turn, have also witnessed a stark escalation in our Pan India presence. Along with this, we have grown as a team and have increased our strength manifold. With our thoroughly analyzed and tested digital marketing strategies we are making sure to be always open for business and adequately meet the needs of our customers.

Additionally, through our comparative analysis, we have brought down the information gap for our end users and have also been providing OEMs with qualified leads. We have been dedicatedly updating our website with advanced administrative features that shall help our users to navigate our site with ease. Moreover, we have introduced a dedicated page pertaining to Safety Products along with a new website theme and have also enabled the PayUMoney wallet. With our easy-to-use- check out tools and multiple payment options and cash on delivery feature we have, till date, not just delivered products but provided successful experiences.

We are constantly implementing changes and imbibing new technologies to provide our users with a platform wherein sellers and buyers meet virtually and fulfil their demands with satisfaction.

Notice: Mobile / Email Verification

A Metacrust customer have to register both email and mobile number in the website to place orders.