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Confined Spaces, Increased Project Costs etc…Overcome All With Telescopic Crawler Cranes

When ‘going mobile’ is the buzzword of the 21st century, how can the construction industry not be affected by it? Times are changing and so are the trends in transportation equipments. Short setting up time and extreme demand for mobility are carving their own place of demand in the market. Thus, out of this need was born the telescopic crawler crane. The main advantage of the telescopic crawler crane over the lattice boom crane is that the setting up time is much lesser while being much easier to transport. Apart from this, with the telescopic boom feature these cranes can be retracted or extended fully at an automated pace to the desired length. This allows the device to easily pass beneath the obstacles.

And wait there is more! The crawler travel gear provides for an excellent off-road capacity that allows the crane to travel under full load.  Hold your breath, there is a list of advantages lined up.

Read on to find out!


Heavy duty usage

The demand for machinery that is aptly suitable for ‘large scale’ foundation sector tasks is another industry trend that is vastly affecting the make and functionality of the telescopic crawler cranes.  Majority of the telescopic crawler cranes are already designed for heavy duty and end of application range.

Rough and challenging terrain

As the name suggests, these cranes move not on the wheels but rather on treads. These allow them to go through uneven terrains and rocky roads, unpaved areas and challenging roads with an ease. The main advantage of using a crawler crane is that it can easily transport loads as heavy as 3,500 tonnes even through rough terrains.

Judging by the industry trends

One of the most pivotal reasons facilitating the development of telescopic crawler cranes is the inability of the majority of traditional cranes to transport load from one place to another. To put in simple words, traditional cranes might be able to lift loads from one place to another but may not be able to carry them from one point to the other.

Herein lay the importance of telescopic crawler cranes. The light weight nylon head shelves helps in reducing the overall weight of the machine while increasing its lifting capacity. Thus, a crawler crane can both lift loads while transport them to other places in an equally efficient manner.

Going green

One of the most striking features of these telescopic crawler cranes is that they are going green. They are becoming increasingly environment friendly by having the provision of using superior quality fuel that are cleaner and emit less harmful pollutants to the environment.

To add on to this, features such as clean operational movement, quiet movement, remote controlled walk along functionality helps reduce sound and air pollution.

Safety first

When it comes to construction equipments, safety is of a vital concern. These brand new telescopic crawler cranes come equipped with features that include safe operations which is the most essential element for every construction project. Some of safety features include stability warning lambs, safety overload alarms and advanced computer safety aid kits, all of this help prevent the risk of cranes being tipped.

Confined places

One of the most efficient features about crawler cranes is their ability to work and travel in confined places. Highly efficient and extremely durable these cranes can perform with the same efficiency even in cramped spaces. The spider leg outrigger design allows the cranes to be easily set up and perform in almost any work space.

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