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Essential steps for choosing the right backhoe loader

The times are rare when you get that luxurious chance of buying products as per your desires. Little did you know that your construction business would be the harbinger of this opportunity? Yes, that backhoe loader which you have been eyeing to purchase for quite some time needs to be chosen as per your desires. But of course, need cannot be avoided and this time it is that of your business.

Purchasing machinery as crucial as the backhoe loader needs proper planning that at times can get confusing. Fear not; we are here to help facilitate the process.

Take a note of the following specs when you are about to purchase a backhoe loader.


Start by asking the right questions

Where, what and how,- like it or not, this is the holy trinity that will give you the most effective answers. What type of application will the machinery be utilised for? What are the types of materials shall it be engaged in moving? How many operators shall be operating the machinery?

Analyse the Horsepower

This is probably the most important spec to consider when one is about to purchase a backhoe loader. It is the horsepower that fuels the breakout energy that helps the machine in engaging in its activities effectively. Thus, the operational efficiency of the machine is directly proportional to the amount of horsepower it has. Machines that have a lower hose power have limited operational versatility. Yet, one should always remember that more horsepower means heavy fuel consumption as opposed to the ones with lesser horsepower.

Versatility = Hydraulics

In this case, to attach or not to attach is the question. First, you have to make a decision that whether you want the machinery to function as thumbs down backhoe loader or do you want it to function in an “n” number of ways. If you are in favour of versatility then it is mandatory to have the right auxiliary hydraulics to operate properly. Bear in mind the fact that some attachments require unidirectional hydraulics whereas others, bidirectional. For example, breakers and compactors fall under the category of unidirectional hydraulics while augers, thumbs and swivel buckets fall under the later.

Note: unidirectional attachments must not be substituted for bidirectional ones or vice-versa as switching the flow could lead to damaging the equipment as well as the attachment, badly.

Special lift features

Some backhoe loaders comes with special features that provides greater efficiency for lifting purposes. Features such as the power lift will allow you to choose a machine that is smaller in size but makes sure that it has ample power to facilitate proper craning and lifting. Thus, while opting for special features it is extremely important to consider the main purpose of the backhoe loader being purchased. If breakout performance and lifting is the primary concern, then opting for ones that have this exclusive power lift feature is the way to go.

The payback!

Capabilities done, now comes the time to consider the machine’s features. If you are planning to deploy your machine for handling small tasks then opting for a very basic machine is just fine. However, if you are planning to use for machine for heavy duty usage then it is better to opt for a machine that is bigger and stronger as it shall efficiently let you handle task for three days consecutively. This has an additional benefit of allowing the operator to be more comfortable while going ahead with the daily operational activities.

Easy serviceability

This might sound trivial, but keeping an eye on the ease of serviceability of your backhoe loader does payoff in the long run. Step into the shoes of the operator who has to check the equipment every time before and after work. Easy serviceability makes this tedious job a lot easier and less prone to errors. Check on the spare parts regularly

Usage is the most important factor when it comes to determining the purchase of a new backhoe loader. Usually, the most powerful and versatile equipment can work in the tightest of spaces and perform with uncompromised efficiency. If you are on the hunt for the latest backhoe loader, heavy new/used, heavy machinery or spare parts, find everything that suits your desire and at the best compatible prices, only at our site!

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