Fight Dirt and Contamination with Quality Fuel Filters

“To err is human”, as the saying goes, we often give less importance to the things that deserve importance. Similar is the case with fuel filters. They may be an important aspect of your heavy machinery, but are ignored by the majority of us as just a small component of the fuel system.

However, this is a misconception that costs many, the service life of their vehicles. Especially in the case of construction equipments,it is extremely necessary to keep an eye on the health of the equipments or else it leads to major pitfalls in the long run.  This is so because without proper filtration the engine oil gets contaminated by various kinds of crud and harmful foreign particles including dirt and paint particles.  Thus, it plays a major role in developing high fuel efficiency and the health of which must be paid close attention to as a part of regular maintenance.

But what exactly are the signs to look for to avoid burning a hole in your pocket? Keep reading to find out:

A shakier than normal engine

One of the earliest signs of a clogged fuel filter is when the machine is standing idle with the ignition on,  and the engine jerks or shakes. It is a definite indication that the engine is experiencing a low fuel injection owing to clogged filters.

An engine that will not start

There may be a thousand of reasons that could lead to this problem. Yet, one of the major reasons could be that the engine is unable to draw sufficient fuel due to the filters being jammed or clogged. This is because the jammed, clogged or overused fuel filters that are screaming out for them to be changed or replaced.

Moreover, if any problem is detected in the fuel distribution prior to the no-start, then this it is a clear indication of the fuel filters demanding your immediate attention.

Problems while starting the engine

An engine that is difficult to start is a clear indication of the fact that you are experiencing a partial blockage. It may start but ignoring the struggle shall cause major damage in the long run.  This strain that your engine is facing is a prelude to the fact that the time has come for the fuel filter to be at the limelight of your attention. Also, it is a clear green signal to change the filters so as to avoid being stranded at the middle of operation.

The engine that stops with a lot of obstacles

A rough engine operation at slow or idle speed is a clear indication of some obstruction in the fuel filter. This condition is caused because there is too much combustion in the engine due to a severely damaged filter that inevitably blocks the normal flow of fuel and brings a misbalance to the mixture of fuel and air inside the engine.

Uneven performance at various speeds

Quite typically associated with cars, even heavy machines can experience erratic performance at a different level of velocity. This is due to an uneven level of fuel flow pressure from the fuel pump. With greater speed, the working of the engine may initially seem fine. But, the reality check comes at a lower speed where the pressure of the fuel pump isn’t strong enough to bring the desired amount of fuel to the engine and thus brings a major hindrance to its performance.

The quality of fuel filters has a huge impact on maintaining the health and the performance of your heavy machinery. Using low-quality filters is a high stake gamble and the odds are never in favour. Opt for the best aftermarket filters right from the comfort of your home, only at Metacrust, and keep your machine efficient and productive.

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