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Road Safety Equipment: Importance and Usage

You might be thinking that there is actually nothing that connects the older generation with the new. Well, before arriving to this particular conclusion, think twice. Have you ever thought about road safety? There it is. Road safety stands equally important today, as it was a century ago.

The algorithm of the road has changed over the decade and the concept of civilization has been based out of some extraordinary infrastructural development that has bestowed upon us speed and connectivity. Even after such immense evolution, it is has almost become almost normal for us to flip the newspaper page casually after reading an event of an accident.  Roads are perhaps the most spectacular invention of mankind and also its demerits perhaps supersedes its merits.  Yet, the issue lies not with the roads but with our own carelessness that leads to several misfortunes.

The modern traffic is a heterogeneous mixture of slow and fast moving traffic. Along with this comes the lack of proper maintenance and implementation of proper road safety equipments. These entire factors combine together to form a dangerous mixture that we fall prey to and become the victim of horrific accidents.

Time has come to straighten up our collars and deal with this major predicament. Let’s take a look at the most needed road safety equipments that are a dire necessity to maintain a safe culture of road safety.

Some of the major road safety equipments that are used worldwide to avert accidents are: safety barricades, road barriers and road fences.

Safety barricades- The primary purpose of a Safety barricades is used to redirect traffic and pedestrians to a correct or a safe route. They are generally manufactured from premium grade UV stabilized virgin polyethylene material that makes them highly durable. Also, they come in a wide variety of size and colour depending on the purpose and used. Apart from being long-lasting, these road safety equipments are easy to install and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Road barriers- They are mainly mounted on road dividers to increase the visibility of the divider for the driver. Also, sometimes at sharp ends, a vehicle might steer straight to some other lane/ road and thereby endangering life without the installation of a properly fabricated road barrier. Major forms of road barriers include:

  • Median divider- A continuous and fixed road barrier is erected to divide the two sections of the road so as to prevent a vehicle that accidentally loses control, from breaching the media lane and confronting the opposite traffic.
  • Steep decline- These are usually installed to prevent the vehicle from rolling on a cliff in case of a mechanical failure.
  • Roadside and bus station installation- Road billboards are installed between the main road and the bus to offer protection and also to protect pedestrians from speeding vehicles, primarily at steep bends or declines.

Road fences- These are primarily used to protect construction workers on road from passing vehicles. Also, they are used to redirect traffic and make the driver aware of an ongoing construction work. Like safety barricades, the road fences are manufactured from UV stabilized virgin polythene material and are easy to handle and install. They also come in a variety of size & colour and are fitted with retro reflectors so as to increase their visibility at night.

Apart from these, other road safety equipments might include moulding cones, fixed posts, vehicle barriers etc..


The importance of road safety equipment is stands mandatory along the roads that traverse high density population areas such as shopping centres, residential areas etc. Moreover, they are reliable, cheap and prevent traffic calming.

One can just go on and on about mentioning about the importance of road safety equipment but the main thing is to implement them in real life. Roads a wonderful creation of mankind and let us keep the wonder by implementing and using proper road safety equipment. Get the latest and a wide variety of road safety equipments from the best brands, at amazing deals, only at our official site.

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