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Safety Equipment- Importance and Usage

Freak accidents and construction sites go hand in hand. We read about it and promptly forget it. But if you are the one associated in any way to the construction industry, then pay heed. Maintaining a culture of safety through labour at construction sites is vital for any employer and employee as well.

Also, remember the fact when we talk about safety equipment, it isn’t mandatory that it will always pertain to machines and all the devices in the construction site.  Rather, it also refers to PPE, that is, to the personal protective equipment which stand as a must for all construction workers.  PPE essentially include all kinds of goggles, helmets, safety boots, reflector jackets and other garments and gears that protect workers from hazards.

Types of risks

Although safety gears are available for ensuring protection, yet it is almost impossible to guarantee 100% protection. Risks may always crawl in, in the form of head injury, damage to other part of the body from falling objects or from corrosive chemicals.  Moreover, ergonomic difficulties may raise working from long hours.  It is because of this reason it is often said that the workers must be allowed to choose their own safety gears and not managers.

Commonly used equipment

The nature of the job defines the kind of equipment needed to be used. Take a look at one of the most commonly used safety equipments/gears that is used in construction sites

Protective clothes– Goes without saying, the shoes for everyday wear are not designed for heavy duty usage. The same stands for the clothes that we wear. Protective clothing is a must for every construction site and these mainly include safety jackets and safety shoes that are built from materials that offer added protection against chemicals and other harmful substances and objects.

Save your foot first! One of the most common and frequent injuries that are encountered at a construction site is that of the foot. Yet, majority of the companies fail to incorporate a proper safety standard when it comes to the protection of this fragile body part. Even a small accident can be the cause of major injuries to the workers and ultimately leave an impact on the revenue of the company.

Safety gloves- The industrial safety gloves are designed to protect the workers from getting in direct contact with harmful substances through the skin and sustaining a hand injury. A good quality hand glove should be resistant and durable against all abrasions and chemical substances.

Safety goggles- Perhaps one of the most vital organs for our body, protection of the eye must be paid extra attention to. The safety spectacles are specifically designed to protect the worker’s eye from dangerous debris and other harmful materials. The market is flooded with many types of safety goggles that are specifically designed for various types of working conditions.

Storage and maintenance

That what is ignored by most in general is the storage and maintenance of the safety equipment. This accounts for one of the major reasons for the timely unavailability of the right safety gears and thus leads to major havoc.

It is mandatory for storage equipments to meet some constraints when it is not put in use to maintain a good working condition. This is to avoid running the risk of them getting obsolete in the due course of time.

Along with maintenance, it is extremely important to indulge in a cohesive training programme so as to ensure that the safety equipments are properly used and maintained. The best way to avoid work place injury is by implementing a proper training policy along with labelling.

Safety should be the utmost concern when it comes to the construction industry. Quit taking safety for granted by using superior quality safety equipment available online at

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