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Safety Shoes: Importance and Usage

It is the feet that take us from place to place. It is also the sole medium that allows us to wander as we please. Thus, it comes as a dire necessity to protect them properly.

Now, choosing the perfect pair of safety shoes as per your occupation can be overwhelming, given the colossal number of designs and types of shoes available.  Hence, if you are in any ways related to the construction business and looking forward to some guidance for choosing the correct foot wear in the form of safety shoes and boots or are just curious then read on!

Work place hazards are inevitable and thus safety shoes and boots are a must. Yet a dilemma reigns supreme, – to opt for steel toes or not. Hence, before getting involved about the types and sizes of the safety shoes available, let’s focus and try to clear this basic confusion first.

A longstanding belief remains that industrial safety shoes fitted with steel toes can cause much more harm than the regular ones. The reason? Steel safety shoes when encounters a substantial amount of weight have the capacity to amputate the toes.

During our course of research we stumbled across one experiment conducted by the Massachusetts General Hospital. And the results were telling.

The experiment was to drop 100 kg of solid metal from a height of 3 feet onto 5 pairs of each; steel toe safety shoes and non-steel toe safety shoes. Also, cadaver foot were used to get a clear picture of the outcomes.

The results clearly depicted that the cadavers encased with regular safety shoes encountered 8.2 fractures per foot, whilst the one with the steel toe sustained 3.2 fractures only! The steel toes reduced the severity of damage to almost 67%.

Hence, the experiment was a clear eye opener.

Now let us move on to the types of safety shoes available and the purpose they should be used for:

  • Electrical hazards:

An important part of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the footwear should be built with non-conductive, electrical shock-resistant soles and heels to protect the worker from electrocution.

  • Machines and rolling objects:

Metatarsal boots are adequate for work environment wherein machines are at play. We all are familiar with the pain of something hitting hard on the foot. Now imagine how much a heavy object can cause damage and hurt if it falls on the naked toes.

Thus, any job that involves heavy machinery the use of metatarsal boots is a must.

  • Cut and punctures:

Sharp objects such as screws, nails or even broken pieces of glass can pose a dangerous threat to the foot. Protect your feet with puncture resistant footwear that comes fitted with steel or composite plate that is usually positioned in between the midsole.

  • Molten metal:

Imagine the site of molten lava and any part of your skin touching it.  The site itself is repulsive. Similar is the case with molten metal. Working in a place that involves molten metal poses a huge risk and thus only those shoes should be used that are designed to provide proper insulation. These type of safety shoes prevent hot metals from penetrating the eyelets of the shoes. Moreover, they also come with an easy off and on design that allows hassle free removal in case of an emergency caused by the molten metal.

  • Support:

Support is a primary factor when it comes to choosing the correct safety shoes. For example, an ankle support provides superior protection against sprains and spinal damage. Longer boots with safety padded collar is the ideal choice here. For superior toe protection, opt for safety shoes and boots that come with a steel toe cap. This shall provide the necessary protection to your feet even in high-risk environments.

Apart from the above mentioned types, there is a plethora of safety shoes, form top brands such as ALLEN COOPER, HILLSON, PRIMA, BLACK BURN and many more of the like, only at our official site. Browse through and find the safety shoe online that best suits your need as well as your budget!

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