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Spare Parts: The Vital Organs of Your Heavy Equipment

Let’s start with a question. What do you think is essential for the proper functioning of our body? The vital organs. Now, shift the focus to your heavy machine. What do you think forms the vital organs of your machine? The answer is obvious. The various components and parts that come together to construct the entire machinery. It goes without saying, that to maintain the proper health of the machine, the need for good quality spare parts form a major factor.

Your equipment functions in most challenging situations and in the most demanding weather conditions. And no doubt your equipment is expensive. Moreover, the main challenge comes when the time arrives to repair or replace the spare parts.
Let’s have a look at some of the common spare-parts for replacement:

  • Seal kits 
  • Bearings
  • Filters

But the pertinent question is… when to replace the spare parts of your heavy equipment?

Let us take the case one by one:


  • Air filters- You have often heard the phrase ‘looks do not matter’. Well, time a change. For air filters, their health can be judged based on how they look.  To guess the replacement time is quite easy. When they look dirty get new ones. Because used air filters can cause extensive damage and reduce the operational time of the machine. Replacing air filters will enhance the fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and increase the service time of the machine. Thus, when they look dirty, change them immediately!
  • Fuel filters- Clogging of unwanted particles in the fuel system will ultimately lead to engine failure. Yes, that’s the harsh truth. Thus, it is always better to purchase new fuel filters over the used ones. The ultimate purpose of fuel filter is to act as protective shield for preventing dirt and foreign particles from entering into the machine’s fuel pump. If the health of the fuel filter deteriorates then the accumulated debris can prevent gas from reaching the engine and thereby affect the performance efficiency and ultimately affect the engine adversely.
  • Oil filters- The primary purpose of oil filters to help remove unwanted particles and objects from entering and affecting the engine. Dirty and unfiltered oil can bring havoc damage to the engine surface and bring extensive damage the oil pumps. Replacing the damaged with new OEM oil filters breathes a new life to the machinery and extends the service life manifold.
  • Hydraulic filters- Maintaining a clean and efficient hydraulic filtration ensures hydraulic system from being contaminated by dirty oil and debris. Harmful metals such as copper and iron can accelerate the wearing of the machine. Thus, it is always a much safer option to timely replace and install new hydraulic filters instead of used ones.


It will definitely sound silly to state that bearings form an important component of all heavy machinery. Rather it makes sense to state firmly that damaged bearings inevitably lead to downtime and decrease productivity.  The reason for bearing failure can be numerous ranging from improper installation to operational overload. Although bearing damage is lesser now as compared to earlier largely due to remarkable improvements in design yet the need to keep a check on the health of the bearings is no less important.
Adequate lubrication, proper guard against contamination, avoidance of overload, proper handling and installation of bearings and most importantly, opting for good quality bearings increases the service life and also the performance output of the machinery.

Seal kits

Seals play a vital role in the operation of the engine. They may look small but their performance meter outranks their size as they are a crucial element for ensuring the smooth running of any equipment. To put it simply, they retain the engine oil and prevent foreign components and harmful pollutants from damaging the engine. Moreover, they prevent the drastic consequences from various types of fluids or gases from mixing, leaking and escaping.
Thus, the intelligent step is to always opt for replacing theseals rather than reusing the old ones, so as to prevent harmful leakage and mixture of gases and fluids.

Replace with the best spare parts:

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