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The First H2H E-Commerce Platform,, Introduces a Brand New Category- Safety Equipments!

Some 3 years ago, a group of like like-minds cracked to build a team based out of an idea. An idea, that conjured from Ranchi and culminated into a residential office in Bangalore. An idea, which changed the way the world perceives business in the construction industry. That idea was, a one of a kind online platform that incorporates the best of the B2B and B2C world. is a H2H (Human to Human) Platform has proven to be a solution provider for individual customers and corporate houses with individually tailored plans.

Metacrust’s services and offerings are global. Since the incorporation, we have been improving every day with more and more incorporation of OEMs, Spare Parts Dealers, and Rental Organisations. When we realised the importance of spare parts for every construction business, we had decided to introduce a dedicated spare parts e-shop.

Similarly, we understand the titular importance of safety at construction sites. Hence, as a tribute and respect to everyone who is a part of the Construction industry, Metacrust has instituted a brand new category to its ecommerce portal –Safety equipments.

In a world where in the concept of safety is gaining a predominant role, not only for the employees but also for the employer, the manpower involved has the definite right to be under the roof of safety. Each year a considerable amount of life is lost owing to the absence of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). This can easily be prevented with few extra precautions and proper safety materials.

Thus, realising the importance of Safety Products, has decided to come up a comprehensive list of Safety Equipments and gears:

Head protection– It stands extremely essential to prevent serious head injuries against entities such as falling debris at the construction site and other such dangers. A well fitted hard hat is of primal importance to shield oneself from such disasters. Find an extensive array of superior quality safety helmets in a wide range of colour and make. The best is here, just go ahead and choose the one that suits you perfectly!

Skin and hand protection– The main source of insecurity in the construction site stems from a dusty environment and use of chemicals that often cause permanent damage. The use of a good fitted glove is the perfect option to avert skin disorders and allergic conditions. Some commonly used PPE gloves include rubber gloves, cut-resistant gloves, chainsaw gloves and heat-resistant gloves. Metacrust provides gloves that are proven to be the best in its range to prevent hazards while involved in working with chemicals, sheet metal, electricity, hot materials or slippery objects. Go ahead and find the one that meets your requirements within the best price range.

Eye and face and ear protection– Protection of the eye and face is as important as protecting the head. Metal work, wood- work and work involving welding, cutting, grinding, and nailing, all these activities require superior protection. The constant loud noise of machines is a major cause permanent deafness amongst majority of workers. A safety gear, as simple as a good quality ear plug, can prevent this permanent damage to an essential body part.

Reflective jackets– High visibility clothing such as reflective jackets reduces the risk of accidents and fatalities, particularly in environments where there is vehicular traffic and in construction areas. Such safety vests are particularly important for those operating heavy machinery.

Foot protection– It is the feet that are prone to maximum damage and hazard. A safety shoe must provide adequate grip & prevent slips, trips, and falls. At the same time, it should be puncture- resistant and be able to withstand high temperatures. Find the best quality foot wear in a variety of fit and size, from the most reputed brands, only at our site.

Road safety equipments/ Warning and caution supplies– Road safety equipments are a dire necessity to stay safe while on the road. They play a major role in avoiding any hindrance to the traffic and also help to prevent freak accidents, both on the road and highways. Road safety products such as road studs, reflective delineators, moulding cones, barrier mesh and tape, convex mirrors, etc are designed to assure a very high safety level on the road.

None the less, irrespective of the construction work that one might be involved in, it is extremely necessary and important to choose a safety gear that suits the working and climatic condition. The primary purpose of all safety equipments is to reduce employee hazards in the work place. If you are on the hunt for the best safety equipments and gears, then you have landed at the correct place. Owning the best protective gear is only a click away!

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