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  • Gulfstar Engine Oil API CI-4/SJ SAE 15W-40 (10 L) Gulfstar Engine Oil API CI-4/SJ SAE 15W-40 (10 L)

Gulfstar Engine Oil API CI-4/SJ SAE 15W-40 (10 L)

Quick Overview

  • 4 stroke cycle diesel engines designed to meet 2004 exhaust emission standards.
  • CI-4 oils are superior in performance to those meeting API CH-4, CG-4 and CF-4
  • CI-4 oils are formulated to sustain engine durability where EGR is used
  • High temperature and high shear viscosity (150ÂșC,106s-1), mPa.s = 4.28
Brand NameGulfstar
CompatibilityRecommended for use in Cummins / Caterpillar / MAN Komatsu / Volvo / Hino / Deutz / Tata Motors / Toyota / Ashok Leyland / Mahindra / Force Motors / Eicher Motors and other turbocharged high performance diesel engines.

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Premium quality heavy duty diesel engine oil designed for long drain period. New generation diesel engines of heavy commercial multi-utility as well as passenger cars requiring highest quality engine Oil. This oil is especially effective at sustaining engine durability where exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and other exhaust emission componentry may be used. Optimum protection is provided for control of corrosive wear tendencies low and high temperature stability soot handling properties piston deposit control valve train wear oxidative thickening foaming and viscosity loss due to shear.


European, North American and/or Japanese diesel engines which are turbocharged or naturally aspirated and operate under the most severe service conditions with diesel and gasoline engines of old and new equipment.

Performance Benefits:

Exceptional anti-wear and anticorrosion properties for enhanced engine protection.


Severe hydro treated, refined paraffinic distillate 75-80%, additives which may include dispersant, detergent, viscosity index improver, pour point depressant and antifoam 20-25%

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